Welcome to Rythm N' Fusion Dhol

Q. How fast can you teach me how to play the Dhol?

A. I can teach you almost everything I know in one day. The real question is how fast can you learn? It really depends on the amount of time you spend playing the Dhol, the more time you spend practicing playing the Dhol the more you will learn and better you will become.

Q. When and where are the Dhol classes held?

A. Dhol classes start at 2:30pm – 3:30pm for beginner students and 3:30pm – 4:30pm for advanced students every Sunday at the Matsqui Recreation Centre (seniors centre) located at 3106 Clearbrook Road Abbotsford, BC

Q. How much do you charge for Dhol performances?

A. There is no fixed cost. Prices vary with your requirements and number of Dhol players required. To get an estimate please fill out our Dhol Bookings form with your particulars and someone from our team will contact you shortly. Alternatively you can contact Kam at 604 999-DHOL (3465).

Q. Which types of events do you play Dhol at?

A. We play all kinds of events including: Bhangra competitions, community events, weddings, birthday parties, ladies parties, reception parties, staff Christmas parties, etc.

Q. What are the youngest age students you accept for Dhol classes?

A. The youngest students we accept are at least 5 years of age. Student at this age are generally able to recognize letters and numbers which is helpful in learning dhol beats.

Q. Do you offer separate classes for adults?

A. At the moment we do not, however, we are exploring the possibility of adding adults only dhol class in the future. So far we have found that a mixed class of student of all ages and skill levels really helps new students learn faster.

Q. Do you offer Private Lessons?
A. Yes we do. Please contact Kam at (604-999-DHOL (3465) for more information.

Q. Do you provide a dhol for me to practice?

A. No, we require that you own your own dhol. If you do not have a dhol we’ll be glad to recommend some local shops where you can a good dhol at a reasonable price.


Famous Dhol Ustaads

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History of the Dhol

Desi Dhol music has witnessed international fame. The dhol music has been used in several Hollywood and bollywood films. Though primarily the dhol music originated from Punjab, today you could find a custom made dhol almost everywhere. more


Before you can learn to play any beat, you need to learn the bols (how to hit the Dhol)more


the RnF Dhol Club dedicates itself to the art of playing the Dhol, an ancient Indian drum popularly used in dances and celebrations all throughout India.