Before you can learn to play any beat, you need to learn the bols (how to hit the Dhol). They are as follow:
Dha – Hitting both dagga (base side) and Tilli (tremble side) simultaneously
Na – Hitting the Tilli side by itself
Ge – Hitting the dagga side by itself (open)
Ke – Hitting the dagga side by itself (closed)
Kin – Hitting dagga side closed Tilli side open

Chaal One (aka. Kerawaa)

Chaal one is arguably the most common and popular beat in Punjabi Music. Its simple yet powerful rhythm is enough to get the crowd into the dancing mood in a hurry.  The bols for chaal one is as follows:

Dha na na na na dha dha na

Chaal Two (aka extended chaal)

This is simply a variation of chaal1 with additional Dagga hits. It following exactly the same timing and rhythm as chaal 1. The bols for chaal two are as follows:

Dha na dha dha na dha dha na
Dha na na na na dha dha na

Bhangra One (simple)

Bhangra beat and its variation are faster tempo beats, but align perfectly with the timing of Chaal beats. In other words, if one Dholi is playing Chall, the other could easily play Bhangra over top.

Dha na na ge na


This is one of my  favourite beats. Don’t let the simplicity of the bols fool you. Being able to play Gidda and playing it fast are quite different. It takes much time and practice to build speed.

Dha na na na ge dha na

The key to learning how to play these beats well is to play slow and then build your speed gradually. Trying to play it fast right off the start will only lead to mistakes and frustration.


Famous Dhol Ustaads

Popular desi beats In Bhangra dance is no news to the music lovers worldwide. With mesmerizing and energizing sound of dhols around in a typical Punjabi gathering, you can’t resist to put your foot down and enjoy the desi music. more

History of the Dhol

Desi Dhol music has witnessed international fame. The dhol music has been used in several Hollywood and bollywood films. Though primarily the dhol music originated from Punjab, today you could find a custom made dhol almost everywhere. more


Before you can learn to play any beat, you need to learn the bols (how to hit the Dhol)more


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